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Tollerton Primary School has created a new geography curriculum that meets National Curriculum requirements but within that is designed to help children to think and learn in as 'geographers'. To do this we use geographical lenses through which to learn each topic. We want children to think as geographers would as well as to wet their appetite to consider geogrpahy later on when they reach GCSE's! Our lens approach is as follows:

1. Space and scale. (Where in the world and what is the position compared to other locations?)

2. Physical environment. (What are the physical features of the location, how are they formed, how are they changing and how do they compare to other locations?)

3. Human. (What are the features of this location - trade, tourism, general use - How do the physical features impact humans, how have humans impacted on physical features and how do they compare to those of other locations?)

4. Change and sustainability. (How has this place changed over time, how is it changing now, how can humans sustain and improve this location and what are children's views on this location?)

5. Map skills will relate to all of the above lenses. Fieldwork skills will be used where appropriate to the topic e.g. there is opportunity to explore the depth, width, flow rates and features of a local Nottinghamshire river within the rivers unit.

Below you will find documents that show how our lenses link with the National Curriculum, more detail about the lenses, an overview of each of our units of work and how they link through school. This new approach was introduced in September 2020 and will be subject to review at the end of the academic year once we have assessed how the curriculum has been implemented and the impact it has had on children's early learning to think and be geographers. There is always room for change and review!


 We believe we fully ensure that children will leave Tollerton with a solid foundation in geography, hopefully be keen to become geographers but most certainly ready for key stage 3. HAve a look at a recent project Nottinghamshire County Council and their Flood Risk Management Dept. carried out at Tollerton. Children experienced different ways to manage and prevent flooding and helped to launch their virtual reality sandbox. This hands-on experience is what geographers need!


Here's some fun sites for pupils to explore geography further:



Tollerton Geographical Lenses and how they link to the National Curriculum

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