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Tollerton Primary School has created a new geography curriculum that is designed with five geography lenses. Our lens approach is as follows:

1. Space and scale. (Where in the world and what is the position compared to other locations?)

2. Physical environment. (What are the physical features of the location, how are they formed, how are they changing and how do they compare to other locations?)

3. Human. (What are the features of this location - trade, energy, general use - How do the physical features impact humans, how have humans impacted on physical features and how do they compare to those of other locations?)

4. Change and sustainability. (How has this place changed over time, how is it changing now, how can humans sustain and improve this location and what are children's views on this location?)

5. Map skills will relate to all of the above lenses. Fieldwork skills will be used where appropriate to the topic e.g. there is opportunity to explore the depth, width, flow rates and features of a local Nottinghamshire river within the rivers unit

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