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We are proud to have already gained Eco Schools Bronze and Silver awards. There is always a lot to focus on to be a 'Greener' community, so this year we have changed how we approach Eco Schools. Each Class is now responsible for an area of the award criteria and the Eco Team have 3 areas to focus on.
We now have our very own Pledgehog and each class will suggest ways they make changes, help or improve our school environment and local community.
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Our Green Team

Reverse Advent appeal

Reverse Advent appeal 1
Reverse Advent appeal 2
Reverse Advent appeal 3
The Green Team organised a reverse advent. We gave each class a box and for every day of advent a member of the class donated something to The Friary Shelter. We were overwhelmed by the amount of things we collected. Look at the Green Team sorting all the donations. 

Waste Week - Plastic Pollution

Waste Week - Plastic Pollution 1
Waste Week - Plastic Pollution 2
Waste Week - Plastic Pollution 3
We have focused on Plastic for waste week this year. The Green team performed an assembly to highlight the problems that are facing our world now and in the future.
Each class have been looking at the facts and the children are showing an awareness of the huge problem that we face. We are making changes within our school from cutting down on plastic to making sure plastic is put in the correct bin. Class 2 have made a display to show what is happening in our Oceans.


EcoBricks 1

We are collecting Ecobricks in our school. We are saving as much single use plastic as we can and packing 2l bottles with it. Once we have enough we are going to construct something for our school grounds. See the letter tab the parents section with information about making an Ecobrick.

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