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Welcome to a new school year and to Year 1, Class 1!   


My name is Miss Sandells and I will be your teacher this year and I cant wait to get to know you all. I have got lots of exciting topics planned for the year so we are going to have lots of fun doing lots of hands one activities and finding out new things. Mrs Williams will also teach you on a Wednesday morning.


Developing reading skills in year one is a key area of learning as it helps children with all their learning.  Each child will have a reading book and reading record book. There will not be a set day when children are heard read at school, so please make sure they have their books with them everyday.  It is extremely helpful to children to read at home and we ask that you do this as often as you can.  The children will also complete phonic activities every day to support their reading and writing development. 


There will be P.E. sessions twice each week on a Tuesday and Friday.  Ear rings must be removed for PE and the children must do this for themselves or the jewellery to be removed at home prior to school.


In year one the children will be given a free piece of fruit every morning and they are encouraged to try the different varieties of fruit, carrots and raisins offered. If you would like to provide your child with an afternoon snack you are more than welcome to. Not every child gets milk in Year 1 and so if you would like your child to continue with milk you will need to order it.


Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries about any aspects of year 1. I am looking forward to a busy and productive year!

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