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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!


Our topics this year!


  • Ancient Egypt
  • Rivers
  • Ancient Greece
  • Climate Zones
  • The English Civil War
  • Plastic Pollution


Mr Isted is our teacher.


Mr Isted's motto is:

'When given the choice of being kind or being right, always choose kind.' 

From the book 'Wonder'


We made posters of some of our favourite books we love to read


__________________________________________________________ In History, we've been putting periods of history into chronological order, all the way from the dinosaurs to the Moon landing!

______________________________________________________ Some of our Ancient Egypt Homework

_________________________________________________________ We have been learning how to write explanation texts in English. Our focus was the mummification process. Eww!


Our explanation texts on Rivers

______________________________________________________ We made waterfalls showing off our knowledge from what we learnt

_______________________________________________________ English Civil War - We have been learning about the two sides, The Roundheads and The Cavaliers

Our Science VR Day learning more about Earth and Space

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