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Class 5


Welcome to Class 5!

We each wrote a class motto, and then voted for our favourite.


The winning motto was:

'We are there for each other

and we care for each other'

Mr Isted is our teacher.

Mr Isted's motto is:

'When given the choice of being kind or being right, always choose kind.' 

From the book 'Wonder'

Our Ancient Egypt day was great fun!

In groups, we chose a significant aspect of Ancient Egypt as a research project and had to make a model showing it, learn about it and then present it to the whole school. Class 5 were experts and recall so much of what they had learnt to the rest of the school. 

Our trip to the Space Centre

We went to the National Space Centre in Leicester to explore and discover interesting facts about our universe as part of our Earth and Space science topic. We learnt many things such as: Saturn could float on water....if you found a big enough bath tub! We interacted with lots of different machines and games which taught us a few things about different planets and the effects it would have on our bodies, as well as the type of things you would need to do to become an astronaut. 
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