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Class 1

Welcome to week 13- the final week of this term and this academic year!


This week we will finish off the term by completing work on our seaside topic and based around The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch which we began last week and also learn more about one more animal group, insects.

We hope you enjoy your last week of Year're all supertars!


Miss Williams and Mrs Westgate

Welcome to week 12!


This week the activities link to the book 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch'. We are focusing on writing instructions, mapping skills and grouping animals according to what they eat. The maths sessions focus on telling the time to the hour and half past. This can be quite a tricky concept for some children to grasp. It helps if you try and build telling the time into your child's day. There is a link to an online game that supports this skill too. 




Mrs Westgate and Miss Williams

Welcome to week 11!


This week we'll be moving on to reptiles and continuing learning about animals and their different groups. We will be reading the Aesop fable The Tortoise and the Hare and having a go at writing our own versions of the story. 


The White Rose maths this week will be focusing on Halves and quarters. Try and do this practically wherever possible. 


Have a lovely week, 


Miss Williams and Mrs Westgate

Here is this week's activity from Notts School Games. Have a go at 'Boccia'!

Welcome to week 10 of home learning!


This week we are moving on from our 'froggy friends' and looking at another great Julia Donaldson book 'The Ugly Five'. We've moved from amphibians to mammals and birds!


White Rose Maths is focusing on money. If you could raid your purses and let your child use real coins alongside their worksheet, that would be great. 


We hope you enjoy the activities. 


Take care, 


Mrs Westgate and Miss Williams



We welcomed back our second bubble last week and had a lovely time- looking for tiny frogs, painting and all sorts of fun activities! This Monday we will say hello to our first bubble again for another busy week.


There are lots of things to be getting on with this week…


It is Rainforest Day and the TAs have organised a competition to design a poster and we will be finding out some facts about rainforests so we can take part.


As we cannot have a Sports Day this year we are taking part in the National School Sports Week, in which we will be using the resources below to try out a different sport every afternoon. For those of you at home you can do this however you like, you could have your own Sports Day with you family if you fancy! Please add pictures to Seesaw or the schools Lockdown Email so we can see what you’ve been up to.


As promised, this will be a froggy-themed week with two lovely books- Oi Frog! By Kes Gray And Grumpy Frog by Ed Vere. If you haven’t read Oi Frog…it is a very funny book about animals only being allowed to sit on things they rhyme with.. so at home you could see what things you could find for toy animals to sit on and record what you do by filming, taking pictures or drawing what you come up with.


White Rose Maths this week involves numbers to 100 and splitting two digit numbers into their tens and units (partitioning) so lots of practice counting and writing numbers.


Hope you are all well,

Have a great week!

Miss Williams and Mrs Westgate



We have had a lovely week welcoming back our first bubble. The children coped remarkably well and have had lots of fun dancing, singing, playing and learning!


We have enjoyed 'secret missions' to send messages to the year 1 'Key worker' children and talked lots about how we miss hugging each other and playing with all their friends. Within this planning there is a link to a lovely story about missing each other and provides a nice talking point. 


We are looking forward to welcoming back the second 'bubble' of year one children on Monday. We will be completing the activities included here at school and hope those of you at home will enjoy them. 


Take care, 


Mrs Westgate and Miss Williams

Here are some photos of what the classroom will look like tomorrow. 

Summer Term 2- Week 2 June 8th



hope you've all been coping now the weather has turned this last week. We end up climbing the walls slightly when it's too soggy for the garden in our house! Next week things will be slightly different as the children from our first bubble of eight will be coming back to school- yay! We are very excited about seeing some of Class 1 even though things will be a little different than when we left back in March. Please do look at the story which was put on here last week about coming back to school in a bubble if you haven't done so already. It really simply explains how things will be different but we will still be able to learn lots and have fun too. Also please read through the letter from Mrs Aldrich that was sent out on Friday that tells you of the new procedures we must follow when coming into school as children will now be coming into school and leaving a different way and at staggered start and finish times. 

We have a lovely week planned for next week though and while it may take a little getting used to we'll get to grips with the new ways of doing things in no time. The home learning will continue every week and in school we will be following the same menu of activities as much as we can. 

This week we will continue with the seaside in Geography and focusing on fish in Science. In English we will start the week with The Fish Who Could Wish by John Bush and Korky Paul which I'll read and put onto Seesaw. 

I'm sure the children are beginning to miss each other, especially now some are returning to school so we'll be posting some messages from the children who are in school onto Seesaw. If you would like to post a message from home just write underneath that you're happy to share and we'll repost it onto the main Seesaw feed so that everyone can see. 

Looking forward to seeing some of you on Monday and hope everyone else is safe and well.

Have a lovely week, 

Miss Williams and Mrs Westgate


We hope you have enjoyed the beautiful weather during half term. Here is the home learning for the first week back to the second half of the summer term! This term we are focusing on 'The Seaside' in geography and 'Animals' in science. Some of your children will be returning to school on June 8th. There is a book to download called 'Coming back to school in a bubble.' It's a lovely and simple way of explaining what school will be like. 

We hope you enjoy these activities. 

Take care

Lucy Westgate and Laura Williams

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Here is this week's plan in which we will continue with Julia Donaldson by looking at her book The Rhyming Rabbit. We will be focusing on rhymes and poetry and making up actions. In Maths we will be measuring this week so please look at the White Rose online lessons and follow up with the worksheets below. Another theme this week is night and day in Science, Art and Computing. If you need more resources or ideas please check out BBC Bitesize for all subjects, Topmarks for Maths and English games and The Imagination Tree has some lovely creative ideas. 

The following week it will be half term, so no work will be set and although we won't be able to travel anywhere too adventurous we hope you manage to have a break and enjoy the sunshine!

Have a good week and a great bank holiday weekend!

Miss Williams and Mrs Westgate

We hope you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Here are the resources for this week. The theme is Julia Donaldson. She is such a well loved author so hopefully, you will have one of her books at home if not more. The White Rose resources are no longer free, so please find the video links and downloads here. 


Take care

Mrs Westgate and Miss Williams

Summer Term Week 3 - 4th May 2020


Here is the learning menu and resources for this week. I really hope you are finding the learning menu's useful.


We know that each family is coping with this in very different ways and have different things you are all trying to juggle. We also know that your children are wonderfully unique in their approach to learning and a 'one size fits all' learning menu doesn't exist! Pick and choose the ideas on here and adapt them as you see fit for your child. 


Please do contact us via the lockdown email or private message on SeeSaw if we can help in anyway. 


Take care, 

Mrs Westgate and Miss Williams

Summer Term Week 2 - 27th April 2020


Here are all the resources needed for this week's home learning. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Summer Term of schooling! We hope you had a nice Easter break. We hope you enjoy the home learning guidance we have put together for this week. The English, Science and Art learning links to one our favourite themes of the year- 'Peter Rabbit'. Seeing your photos and communicating with some of you on See Saw has been great and we hope to see more this week!


We are missing Class 1 an awful lot and hope you are all happy and well at home. 


Mrs Westgate and Miss Williams

Welcome to Class 1!

Hello children of Class 1,


We hope you have had a good first week learning at home. We have put this week's homework below but don't forget you can go outside and do lots of learning - you can spot birds, find different types of leaves and work out which type of tree they come from, do a tally of things that pass your house (people, bikes, cars etc) and make a bar chart. You could have a baking competition at home and post your efforts on our Twitter account.

We won't be posting any homework next week as it's officially the Easter holidays.


Best wishes

Mrs Westgate and Mrs Williams

We have lots of fun in Class 1 and are always very active.


Miss Williams and Mrs Westgate are our teachers.

Mrs Rees, Mr Seymour, Mrs Buckley

and Mrs Hussein also work with us.


We are learning to be independent, critical thinkers

and always try to be caring and helpful to others.



This half term our topic is Paddington Bear

The author Gareth P. Jones came to visit

Rangoli patterns for Diwali

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